Åkrafjordtunet is situated at Teigland on the E134, the scenic trunk road that runs along the southern shore of the Åkrafjord. The centre, which lies just 9 km west of Langfossen falls and 10 km west of the national park, is a great place to learn more about Folgefonna National Park – but it’s also an attraction in its own right. 

At Åkrafjordtunet you will find an exhibition on Folgefonna National Park, the Tourist Information office, a café, and shops that sell local products. The exhibition includes text and photos on Folgefonna, an informative film, and a display of local minerals. Other exhibits highlight the cultural traditions of the fjordside hamlets and villages, giving you a glimpse of Eikemostølen mountain farm, and old farmsteads that are now abandoned. There is particular focus on the nearby scenic valley Sandvikedalen, the Åkrafjord and Langfossen falls – which CNN included on its list of the world’s ten most beautiful waterfalls!

Tasty local fare

The grocery at Åkrafjordtunet takes great pride in selling award-winning cured meat, game and many local specialities. Thursdays and Sundays are particularly worthwhile days on which to visit Åkrafjordtunet’s café. Every Thursday traditional potato dumplings are served with meat and sausages, and on Sundays there is a three-course buffet, based on time-honoured recipes.

Maps and a wealth of brochures are available, and the knowledgeable staff will answer your questions about Folgefonna National Park and other attractions in the area.