Activities in and near Folgefonna

A beautiful national park means lots of opportunity to explore the great outdoors, and Fjord Norway should be more than a spectator’s sport! The menu of activities available on the Folgefonn Peninsula is sure to raise your pulse and call forth an expectant smile.

We invite you to great hiking, camping climbing – and of course glacier walks. Even in the middle of the summer, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding! Activities on the fjord include fishing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing and swimming. 

Of course you don’t have to sweat to have fun. You can walk cultural trails at your own chosen pace, exploring historical sites, or stroll along the paths of the Stone Park in Rosendal. Another option is to rent bicycles and roll along the scenic fjordside roads.

Below is a list of recommended activities in Folgefonna National Park – with links to informative articles about great hiking, glacier tour providers and the summer ski centre situated on Folgefonna glacier itself.

Please contact the National Park Centre, one of our Tourist Information Offices or a Folgefonna Gateway, for more information on other activities, trail maps and additional offerings from professional activities providers, and for helpful advice.

Glacier tours and skiing: