At a gateway, you can enjoy exhibitions, obtain maps and valuable advice, maybe rent a boat or bicycle – or perhaps join one the exciting excursions offered by experienced guides. And don’t forget that the fjordside villages and hamlets are attractions in their own right, with many sites that are worth exploring.


Åkrafjordtunet is situated at Teigland on the E134, the scenic trunk road that runs along the southern shore of the Åkrafjord. The centre, which lies just 9 km west of Langfossen falls and 10 km west of the national park, is a great place to learn more about Folgefonna National Park – but it’s also

The gateway Agatunet

Situated between Utne and Odda on the western shore of the Sørfjord, Agatunet is the northeasterly gateway to Folgefonna National Park. It is also a fascinating attraction in its own right, as there are few such clusters of farmhouses still intact in Norway.

Jondal national park village and Juklafjord Information Centre

An important gateway to Folgefonna is Jondal, the charming national park village. Jondal, situated right on the Hardangerfjord to west of the national park, is known for its beautifully preserved old wooden houses and its venerable boatbuilding traditions. And this is where you find Juklafjord.

Odda tourist information

The town of Odda is situated at the head of the Sørfjord, a fjord arm of the famous Hardangerfjord. At Odda tourist information, you can obtain excellent information about Folgefonna National Park and many other attractions in the region.

Visitor Centre Folgefonna National Park

The Folgefonn Centre in the village of Rosendal offers interactive exhibitions on the Folgefonna National Park, aquatic life in the Hardangerfjord, the world’s water cycle, sustainable use of natural resources, and climate change.