A few important rules

In a national park, you are Mother Nature guest. The first rule is to be considerate of life around you, including other human beings.

  • Feel free to go wherever you want, on foot or on skis. Anything with an engine is basically banned. (See Access rights)
  • Stop wherever you want, and camp for the night if you wish. But tidy up afterwards and take your rubbish home.
  • You may light a fire, but remember the general ban on fires in woodland between 15 April and 15 September. Show consideration when you gather firewood. Never leave a burning campfire.
  • You may pick berries, mushrooms and common plants for your own use. Show consideration for cultural heritage sites, vegetation and animal life. Take extra care in the breeding season.
  • Fishing and hunting are allowed, provided it’s in season and have a fishing or hunting licence. Do not use live fish as bait – and never take live fish from one river or lake to another.
  • You’re welcome to bring your dog, but between 1 April to 20 August it must be kept on a leash. Some municipalities have their own leash laws.