The gateway Agatunet

Situated between Utne and Odda on the western shore of the Sørfjord, Agatunet is the northeasterly gateway to Folgefonna National Park. It is also a fascinating attraction in its own right, as there are few such clusters of farmhouses still intact in Norway.

The rich and complex history of Agatunet has a way of coming alive to enchant visitors. In the hamlet are 31 slate-roofed farm buildings dating from the Middle Ages on up until more recent times. Lagmannsstova, built in 1250, is the country’s oldest secular building still standing on its original site.

From fjord to glacier

After taking a guided tour of the old hamlet, you can enjoy the multimedia presentation, “The Drama of the Mountains”. It gives you glimpses of Folgefonna National Park and tells you how powerful natural forces formed the land. Another multimedia presentation, Life In the Fjord, gives a delightful look into the fjord’s unique ecosystem, a world full of life unknown to most of us. Both presentations last 20 minutes.

Coffee and local treats

Hens still wander Agatunet freely, providing eggs for the waffles served in the café, which we suggest you savour with a glass of locally produced cherry or apple juice, and perhaps a cup of coffee.


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