From Tokheim to a cabin on the glacier

Have you ever stayed in a lodge on the glacier? Waking up to a panorama of ice and sky is an incredible experience! The hike we here describe, starts just outside Odda, takes you up to the edge of Folgefonna glacier, and continues to Homaskjer lodge. You can also join a trek across the glacier led by an experienced glacier guide.

Tokheim is situated just 2 km north of Odda. Look for the cairn along the roadside. Plenty of parking at the information centre. The Kaiser’s Path is an old trackway that ascends steeply alongside the winding river. After bridging the river at Tokheimsskaret cleft, the trackway continues climbing up past two lakes, Storenutstjørn (1180 m) and Isvatnet (1344 m), before reaching the edge of the glacier.

In the summer, the trail to Holmaskjer lodge is clearly marked. As you walk on the glacier, it’s important that you follow the marked path closely, in order to avoid cracks in the ice, crevasses and water-filled holes.

Holmaskjer, a self-service lodge run by the Norwegian Trekking Association, is situated on a crag that protrudes above the glacier and offers an incredible panorama. The simple but well-equipped lodge is open year round. There are duvets and woollen blankets, but do bring your own cotton or silk sheet sleeping bag (lakenpose), sold in most Norwegian sporting goods stores. You should also pack clothing that allows for sudden shifts in weather.

During the summer months, professional glacier guides offer group treks across the glacier to Fonnabu lodge. It takes roughly three hours to walk the 6 km distance, and about two hours on skis. The exotic excursion is an unforgettable experience.