Langfoss Falls

Langfoss is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway and Europe’s 16th highest, but its magnificent surroundings and accessibility have placed it on CNN’s list of the World’s 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls.

Langfossen flows into the Åkrafjord very near the E134 highway, after tumbling 600 metres down the mountainside. Right nearby are picnic tables, as well as a kiosk that sells fast food, homemade baked goods, local food products, handicrafts and souvenirs. The helpful staff will gladly give you toward hiking trails, suggest additional rewarding activities, and recommend accommodation in the area. Service facilities at the kiosk include toilets.

A trail from the parking place leads up to the top of Langfoss. If you’re in the mood for a longer hike, there are well-marked trails to lodges in the mountains. A fjord cruise will also give you an impressive view of the waterfall.